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Flooring Repairs

Having hardwood flooring in your home gives it a charming look and feel. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen, causing damage to your beautiful hardwood floors. If you have children or animals, your hardwood flooring is at a higher risk for accidents. Fortunately, hardwood flooring repairs are easier than ever with Baianos Flooring. We also specialize in hardwood floor repairs, which are almost seamless every time; and offer affordable flooring repairs services to homeowners in the tri-State Area.


If you have a few minor blemishes, such as scratches or minor water stains, our trained flooring professionals can perform flooring repairs by dustless sanding the area and applying 3 coats of clear floor finish to make your hardwood flooring look brand new. Once the floor repairs are complete, you will never be able to tell there was ever work done on the area.

Need a patch?

You removed an old carpet and you see a wood flooring replaced with some piece of plywood or a pipe role from an old radiator? Do not worry, we are able to add wood flooring to match floors and no one will never tell a patch had been done!


Full recoat

If you are satisfied with your existing hardwood floor color, but want to enhance the beauty of it, have us come out and recoat it. Our hardwood flooring professionals will make your hardwood floors look like new in no time.

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Whether you need hardwood flooring repairs, refinish or installations, call the professionals at Baianos Flooring. We are a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and our company is licensed.

Recent works

Retail Store Project

Ermenegildo Zegna NYC Store buffing at weekend. Matching stain color in damaged places and top water base polyurethane (Absco Grand).

Parquet flooring staining

A special method (alcohol and water pup-up) was applied before stain in order to open the pores of wood. This job was made with light satin and water base polyurethane (Bona