Baianos Flooring

Hardwood Buffing

Baianos Flooring buffs floors with high-tech equipment to remove surface scuffs and scratches. Wear and tear from everyday living and traffic are eliminated through the buffing process. This method is quick and can be done in the same day and been ready for you in the next day!


Pour a tablespoon of water on a high-traffic section of your floor. If the water appears to bead or slowly soak in, your floor needs buffing, to restore its shine. However, if the water instantly soaks in, then your floor needs immediate refinishing as this indicates that the wood fibers are likely damaged and already exposed due to poor sealing.

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Recent works

Retail Store Project

Ermenegildo Zegna NYC Store buffing at weekend. Matching stain color in damaged places and top water base polyurethane (Absco Grand).

Parquet flooring staining

A special method (alcohol and water pup-up) was applied before stain in order to open the pores of wood. This job was made with light satin and water base polyurethane (Bona