Baianos Flooring

Vinyl Tile Removal

Removal tile with fire is quick and safer when professional take care of that task. We open the windows to room get better ventilation and turn on the torch and let the vinyl tile get hot. After vinyl tile got hot, it is easy to unglue if from the floor. We keeping removing it until it be finish and the same time putting it inside a garbage bag, it’s a very important step because it start glue back quick when vinyl tile gets cold. After complete removal we sand it and make a beautiful floor!

Demonstration video:


Do not try do it yourself! It is very dangerous and must be doing by a experienced professional

Recent works

Retail Store Project

Ermenegildo Zegna NYC Store buffing at weekend. Matching stain color in damaged places and top water base polyurethane (Absco Grand).

Parquet flooring staining

A special method (alcohol and water pup-up) was applied before stain in order to open the pores of wood. This job was made with light satin and water base polyurethane (Bona